“ I Miss You (Featuring Dave Bickler)" is available on iTunes, amazon.com, or at any of your favorite online digital music stores. The song features Grammy award winning vocalist Dave Bickler, lead singer of the band Survivor (Eye of the Tiger) and lead guitar by Brad Gillis of the band Night Ranger. Originally written as a serenade, “I Miss You (Featuring Dave Bickler)” has evolved and features a melodic mix of guitar, organ and piano, building up to a dramatic climatic ending, featuring a beautiful string section. As Mike Byrnes of the Guitar Show comments: “....it builds up to a wall of sound”.


The EP, titled “Beauteous Maximus”, is in the works and is set to be released in 2013. The EP will feature a combination of rock and instrumental songs.



 The song list is as follows:


  1. Isabel M.
  2. Another Night Alone (feat. Dave Bickler)
  3. I Miss You (feat. Dave Bickler)
  4. Beautiful One (Beauteous Maximus)
  5. Fine Line
  6. Loss for Words
  7. En Fuego
  8. I Miss You (feat. Dave Bickler)- Single