Renato Abella is a composer/recording artist based in New York. His early works were mainly guitar driven rock instrumentals. His latest works are “all about the Lyrics”, something in him clicked and the lyrics started flowing. Since the lyrics came first, the poetry was then set to music.

Renato’s previous releases were in the genre of ‘80s style melodic rock, "I Miss You (feat. Dave Bickler)" and "Another Night Alone (feat. Dave Bickler)" with vocals by Dave Bickler, lead singer of the band Survivor and lead guitar by Brad Gillis, lead guitarist of Night Ranger.

He has since changed it up with his latest single, “Wonder Day (feat. Toni Scruggs)” a dance song with pop influences.

No matter the style he says: “All I want to do is write a few beautiful melodies.”


Renato is currently in his studio working on completing songs for his EP titled, "Beauteous Maximus".