Isabel M. and Beauteous Maximus (Beautiful One)

Today I head down to NYC to The Cutting Room Studios for the mixdown and mastering of "Isabel M." and "Beauteous Maximus" (Beautiful One).


"Isabele M." is the intro to the EP. It's a little melody that I came up with while thinking of a dear friend's older sister who passed on at the tender age of 1 year. It's a very sweet little piece.


"Beauteous Maximus", originally titled "Beautiful One" is a fitting title song for the EP as it truly expresses and represents the feelings and emotions of the catalog. The song was originally written for lyrics, but when recording the demo very late at night, I laid down the vocal melody with piano. As I listened to the song the next day, I felt that the lyrics were no longer necessary to convey the message. The Song still retains most of the original tracks as they were originally recorded that night in my dining room.


I'm excited to have completed these two pieces and am looking forward to sharing them!