Goings on

Over the past few months, I've received great feedback and press on my singles. In June I was featured on WHUD 100.7 FM, in New York, Hudson Valley Artist Spotlight segment. It consisted of an interview followed by the playing of my single "I Miss You (feat. Dave Bickler)".


Here's a link to the interview, just scroll down to 6/29/12:




The single will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Fireworks Magazine, UK, issue 54, September 2012.


It will also be featured in a showcase ad in Classic Rock Magazine, in their September/October issue.


Also many thanks to Andrew at melodicrock.com for the great promotion and support.


Looking forward, I've been working on new songs, 2 of which are instrumentals and 1 is a vocal rock track. The line up for the vocal track, titled "Fine Line", is not yet finalized, but it will once again feature lead guitars by Brad Gillis of Night Ranger.


"Beautiful One", 1 of the instrumentals mentioned, is ready to go and will be available on iTunes, etc. shortly. It's a big departure from my other singles, is a very soft, emotional and thoughtful song. Here's a copy of the cover artwork:





Once again, the water color, that the artwork is based from, was done by Bryony Kockler. Other works of her's can be viewed at her website: bryonykockler.webs.com