Wonder Day (feat. Toni Scruggs)


I am so excited to announce the release of my latest single "Wonder Day (feat. Toni Scruggs)", it was a long time in the making but I am so very proud. This song is quite the departure from my other works, as far as the musical style, but the structure and elements of my songwriting are all there. Like my previous releases "it's all about the lyrics" and again I was blessed again to have worked with such an amzazingly gifted and talented vocalist.


Wonder Day (feat. Toni Scruggs) is now available for purchase and download at, or any of your favorite online music stores.

Dead Weight Burden


So yes I have been working on music, although not my own, I am pleased to announce the debut release album "Drop the Rock" by Dead Weight Burden! Along with my record label, Extra Large Records, Inc., I executive produced this album and am overseeing the management and distribution.


Dead Weight Burden is a raw, rock, power-trio with a very "organic" sound. Please check them out and have a listen!


The album is available on iTunes,, and all of your favorite online music stores. Their music can also be streamed on Spotify.


Happy 2015!!!

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2015...the world sure looks different than was promised in the movie Back to the Future II, although a Miami pro baseball team won a World Series, we now have flat screen TVs and video conferencing (Skype and FaceTime) are now commonplace! In those cases, truly life imitating art!


2014 went by so quickly, and admittedly I've been so busy that I haven't worked on any music, but I can say 2015 looks like it's going to be a great year and I look forward to sharing some new projects!


Peace to you and yours,

Music Video

I just wanted to send kudos, and a thank you, to YouTube user yveth crisostomo for their video of I Miss You. It was faithfully recreated in detail and I really enjoyed viewing it.


Please be sure to check it out, here's the link:


Here's the original video for comparison:



Goings on

Over the past few months, I've received great feedback and press on my singles. In June I was featured on WHUD 100.7 FM, in New York, Hudson Valley Artist Spotlight segment. It consisted of an interview followed by the playing of my single "I Miss You (feat. Dave Bickler)".


Here's a link to the interview, just scroll down to 6/29/12:


The single will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Fireworks Magazine, UK, issue 54, September 2012.


It will also be featured in a showcase ad in Classic Rock Magazine, in their September/October issue.


Another Night Alone (feat. Dave Bickler)

I'm so excited to announce that my new single has been released and available for download online! "Another Night Alone (feat. Dave Bickler)" is an "old school" rock song with a punk rock feel and features incredible vocals by, Grammy Award winner, Dave Bickler. It is a guitar driven rock tune that also features searing guitar solos by Brad Gillis, from the band Night Ranger.


It was truly a joy and honor to work on my songs with such amazing musicians- how awesome!



Pandora and an Update

My single can now be heard/found on!/music/artist/renato+abella


Thanks to Ryan at Pandora for making it happen!


Also, my next single, so far unnamed, is almost ready for release! The song, is a hard rock track, that features the same incredible musicians that played for me on "I Miss You (feat. Dave Bickler"). 


Isabel M. and Beauteous Maximus (Beautiful One)

Today I head down to NYC to The Cutting Room Studios for the mixdown and mastering of "Isabel M." and "Beauteous Maximus" (Beautiful One).


"Isabele M." is the intro to the EP. It's a little melody that I came up with while thinking of a dear friend's older sister who passed on at the tender age of 1 year. It's a very sweet little piece.


"I MIss You (Feat. Dave Bickler)" - Official Music Video

I'm excited to announce that the official music video for my single, "I Miss You (Feat. Dave Bickler)", has been completed and can be seen by  visiting my YouTube page by clicking the link on the upper right corner of the screen, or at the following link:


The video was shot, directed and edited by Max Galassi, YouTube channel: andletswastetime. Max is a 14 year old phenomenon/whiz kid/award winning videographer, he also played the lead male role in the video. He did a wonderful job of working with over 8 hours of video and editing it down to 3 minutes and 29 seconds!


I hope you enjoy the video!

Another Night Alone

...just posted a clip  (very rough mix) of "Another Night Alone" in the music player, so be sure to check it out! It is sans vocals...I do have the vocal tracks and they're bitchin', but wanted to put out a teaser 'til the song is complete. The lead guitar is by, none other than guitar player extraordinaire, Brad Gillis of Night Ranger.

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